08/03/2015, Since December 2008, my ex-husband has bullied me and done everything to try to take my daughter from me. He has had me followed by investigators, hired incompetent therapists for my daughter and I have had several different layers over the years and in some of the hearings I have even been prose because each year he sues me and keeps the litigation going, nonstop. In 2014, I hired Kathleen Collins by the recommendation from another attorney who said I needed someone who could help me get this over with once and for all. This other attorney said that if Kathleen couldn't help me, then no one could probably help me, because my ex has next to unlimited funds and I live paycheck to paycheck. Well, she was right. After seeing Kathleen in the courtroom question the witnesses and believing in me and in what she is doing, win or lose the case she did an exceptional job. She was on point at every turn of the case and advised me well every time. She was not fighting for just me but she was fighting for what she believed (in my opinion) to be what was best for my daughter as well. And that meant such a great deal to me. My daughter deserves the best fight and Kathleen helped me to do that. She won the case for us and now my ex-husband will not be able to move my daughter away from me, at least not this year. He will most likely file again next year if not for something else sooner, but I will definitely be at an advantage with Kathleen Collins as my attorney and feel more confident that my daughter is safer now that I have her on my side fighting for us. I absolutely recommend Kathleen Collins and her associate Kurt, who helped me along the way as well, to anyone who is looking for a brilliant and dedicated attorney. She will be mine from here on out. Thank you, Kathleen, for everything you did and continue to do to help us.  Jury recommended an award of $135,000 in attorney fees.

Yorlanda Fisher
“During the greater than 10 years Kathleen Collins has represented me, I have known her to be honest, supportive and passionate about her work. Ms. Collins has represented me for a variety of reasons over the years; covering a multiple aspects of the law. She is my go to person anytime I need legal advise or representation. Thank you Kathleen for always being there for me.” July 25, 2009
Top qualities: Expert , Good Value , High Integrity.  Hired Kathleen as a Attorney in 1997 , and hired Kathleen more than once

Client B.V.
"Fathers have been told time and time again that it is impossible to be awarded custody of their children. Fathers often decide not to proceed with court in order to avoid confrontation with the other parent. The most important decision a father can make is to insure the safety and well-being of their children. I would like to personally thank you for your patience, time, and consideration throughout court proceedings. Thank you".  Jury Trial, the father won custody of his two year old son from an all woman jury. 

Top notch, very responsive
Ms. Collins was my divorce attorney and I am very satisfied with her work on the case.A big plus was how responsive her office is.

Client S.V.
"Thank you for your kindness and patience and great help".

Alessandra Mann, High quality service Professional and friendly. Kathleen is very detailed orientated and knows litigation law 100%. There is nothing that she will leave out in your case. Her confidentiality is of the highest standard. Her dedication to her her job is priority to her. I would definitely recommend her to someone needing her experience and tenacity without a doubt. 2016

 SR.  Ms. Collins did excellent presentation for my divorce first hearing, motions, and jury trial. I really appreciate her hard work and great job she has done on my divorce case. 2015.  Two week jury trial.  Jury Verdict for our client on custody, intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud and assault.  The jury recommended attorney fees of $55,000.00

Richard (Dick) Greene
"Kathleen has battled the stereotypes and biases of female lawyers in the great state of Texas and won! c- First hired in 2004 (hired more than once since), top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Kurt Gonzalez
Attorney at Law
January 8, 2018
In order to have success, one must work diligently and carry a determination toward positive results. Time and again Kathleen Collins has succeeded. Being licensed over 25 years she brings a wealth of top tier knowledge and experience to the table, which is what you want when you employ an attorney to protect your rights.    

9-11-2016  Ms. Maples wrote: Absolutely amazing, Ms. Collins worked with us long distance and did an AMAZING job!  It we ever need an attorney again, she would definetly be the one we wanted for sure.

Dr. Broutain.  Moscow, Russia. I strongly recommend Kathleen Collins. She is very bright. This recommendation I have received 5 years ago, when I was exhausted due to long-lasting unsuccessful efforts to see my son. I was feeling really helpless until I have met Kathleen.Difficult international child custody case. We won. Never thought before I could feel happy in court...” January 6, 2011.  Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Randall Sorrels, Partner, Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Sorrels, Agosto & Friend
“Kathleen is an attorney I would trust with a legal issue at any time. She is diligent, technically proficient, but also compassionate with the issues faced by her clients.”

 K.McClure, Kathleen is proficient in a variety of aspects of law. We have been very pleased with the results and the amount of time and cost. The value is in the results and the time it took, she was careful/thoughtful with our money. It just takes talking to a few people that have hired her to know that they all have the same thing to say, she is a great lawyer and person.  She is very personable, her rates/time are a very good value, she is punctual in the steps of the process and very creative! If you are looking to get results you will hire her!” December 30, 2010. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert
Client, G.C.
"I hired her to represent me in a modification of my divorce decree. My ex-wife attempted to limit my time with our children and increase my child support payments. She had moved to another state, with our children and I had moved to another Texas County. She took my case to the Court of Appeals, winning an important legal victory for father's rights. All the while the long court case was pending, I had peace of mind because I knew Kathleen cared about my case and my children".

 Olive Talley
"Kathleen is one of the most dogged and determined attorneys I know. She is a fierce advocate for her clients and works tirelessly to represent and protect their interests.At the same time, she is a very caring and treats people with kindness, respect and honesty. Kathleen is smart and capable of digesting complex information and boiling it down to help others understand what it all means. On top of all that, she's honest and generous. Kathleen embodies the ideals of a good lawyer. I highly recommend her." - April 19, 2009 Olive Talley , Producer, Dateline NBC , NBC Universal was with another company when working with Kathleen at Kathleen Collins and Associates, L.L.P.