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July 2015
: Jury Trial - Modification of Custody Post-Divorce. Jury trial, my client prevailed and won her case after a one week jury trial. The jury awarded her primary custody of her child and $135,000 in attorney fees.

January 2015 - Jury Trial - International custody and property division between the United States and Iran. Confirmation of separate property from Iranian Marriage Contract. Alleged, proved and won judgments for assault, fraud, intentional infliction of emotional distress jury awarded actual and exemplary damages. Client alleged her husband assaulted her during the marriage, he filed false allegations of child abuse during the pendency of the divorce, wasted community funds and committed fraud in the management of the couples rental properties.  Divorce grounds - cruelty;  Sole Managing Conservatorship;  Fraud - $30,000.00;  Assault - $10,000.00; Intentional Infliction of Emotion Distress - $20,000.00; Punitive/Exemplary Damages - $20,000.00; Attorney Fees - $55,000.00

2014 - Trial - won - Represented mother in a modification case, she sought a change in the periods of visitation between the father and their daughter. The father moved to a new city requiring a minimum hour drive for the child each way. Court awarded mother attorney fees in addition to her requested changes in the father's periods of possession.

 October 2009 - Divorce - jury award of attorney fees $16,000.00

May, 2009. Custody Trial Won.  Represented the father of the children. Father filed a modification lawsuit seeking to gain primary conservatorhsip of two young children. Significant issue in the case: which parent would better support the child's relationship with the other parent. This was a lengthy trial with complex legal issues.

Jury Trial: Won. Divorce with contested custody of 2-year-old child. Represented husband/father.

Trial: Won. Divorce case, the contested issues were property division, the gross value of the estate was 500,000.00.

Trial: Won. Modification of Divorce Decree seeking custody of 3 children, represented father. Father won custody.

Trial: Won. Modification of Divorce Decree defending right to home school children. modification of  Custody from Joint Managing Conservatorship to Sole Managing Conservatorship;

Writ of Mandamus: Won. Modification of Divorce Decree defending against increase in child support and fighting for transfer of case. Successful Writ of Mandamus to the Court of Appeals against Court in San Antonio;

Trial: Won. Divorce case, alleged fault grounds in the break-up of the marriage. Estimated gross value of the estates, 300,000.00.

Modification of custody of children, father (client) sought to be appointed the Sole Managing Conservator of minor children. Father won requested relief at hearing on temporary custody. The case later settled in conformity to temporary orders. 



Our office handles many cases every year. The following list are short summaries of a few of our cases.

July 2016   On July 21, 2016, Mangan Ginsberg LLP, assisted by local counsel in Galveston, Kathleen Collins, and counsel for the husband in the divorce case, Robert Clements Jr., and Mr. Clement's team, secured a court order vacating a $416 million judgment in Galveston County District Court, in Texas, for its client, International Agencies Co. Ltd. (“IACL”), an international business located in the Kingdom of Bahrain. On the same day, the Mangan Ginsberg and Kathleen Collins  persuaded the Galveston court to immediately release more than $3.6 million of electronic wire transferred funds originated by its client in Bahrain that had been trapped in a New York bank by a Texas levy as a result of the Galveston judgment.

The judgment against IACL had been obtained in default by a divorce plaintiff in the Galveston County case, Alwazzan v. Alwazzan, 13FD0848. The $416 million divorce judgment ranks in the top ten largest divorce judgments in history. After the judgment was rendered, the Galveston District court entered an order appointing a receiver in Texas to execute the judgment against IACL in November 2015, and the company discovered the executed judgment only after several electronic wire payments to IACL’s vendors in Europe and the Middle East had been blocked by levy. In April 2016, Mangan Ginsberg and Kathleen Collins traced the blocked funds back to a Texas levy for wire transfers in New York that crossed into the United States during the foreign currency exchange process. The Galveston divorce plaintiff, Winnie Stacy Alwazzan, concealed from the Galveston County court that she had attempted to obtain a similar judgment in another Texas County a year before bringing a new lawsuit in Galveston. The earlier lawsuit and trial, held in Houston Texas, Harris County, denied the plaintiff any liability or damages against IACL. The plaintiff did not succeed in Harris County, she quietly started a new lawsuit in Galveston County, with the same lawyer. Galveston District Judge Anne B. Darring decided on July 19, 2016 that the petitioner in the divorce action did not have personal or subject matter jurisdiction over IACL, or the husband in the divorce action, and vacated the two-year-old judgment and dismissed the case.  Mangan Ginsberg and Kathleen Collins' efforts in securing the order to vacate the judgment included motions in the Galveston case,  bringing a new lawsuit in Galveston County against the plaintiff, and lawsuits in two federal courts, in the Southern District of Texas and the Southern District of New York. In addition to this, IACL brought an emergency appeal and a motion for an emergency stay in the Texas Court of Appeals, in Houston.

Trial: Won. Immigration Court.
The federal government sought to remove (deport) family that had lived and worked LEGALLY in the United States for the previous 13 years. The family relied upon an erroneous order from the District office of the USCIS allowing them to travel to thier country of origin for a short visit. The family through our office filed an Application for Relief from Removal, (Cancellation of Removal). This form of discretionary relief is available to qualifying lawful permanent residents and qualifying non-permanent residents.

Trial -  Won. Divorce case and Immigration case: Contested issues were fault grounds in the break-up of the marriage and a request for disproportionate division of the marital estates. Under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) passed by Congress in 1994, the spouses and children of United States citizens or lawful permanent residents (LPR) may self-petition to obtain lawful permanent residency. This case there were only general allegations of a bad marital relationship which may be enough in the Divorce Court but will not necessarily succeed in the Immigration Court where you have to prove extreme mental cruelty. Proof of domination, isolation and signs depression is what is necessary to win the petition. Every case of this nature is fact driven, this result may not be the same in another case. Estimated gross value of estates, 308,000.00.

Grandparents successful gained Sole Managing Conservatorship of their grandchild after the murder of their son.

 Trial: Won. Divorce case with contested custody of the children and contested property division. Approximate gross value of estate, $150,000.00. 

Trial, wife retained custody of children, property division reflected husband's suggested division. Divorce case, the contested issues were the custody of two children and property division. The gross value of the estate, 1,500,000.00. 

Case settled after winning several hearings on contempt of court against mother. International child custody case, represented father in his attempt to locate his son.

Case settled in mediation after many hearings. Divorce case, contested issues were property division and discovery and recovery of property. The gross martial estate was approximately 2,500,000.00. This case involved tracing assets through several international banks and international companies. 

Modification of custody of child. Case was settled during trial. The mother of the child had alleged the father and Stepmother were emotionally abusing the child. 

Divorce case, contested issues were property division and custody of minor children. Won custody at hearing on Temporary Orders, the case later settled to client's satisfaction.

Divorce case and contested property division issues including reimbursement claims, tracing separate assets of the wife resulted in successful settlement of case on day of trial.

Termination of Parental Rights of father. Successful termination case of parental rights of father who had emotionally and physically abused mother.

Modification of Custody filed by father; Won temporary custody at hearing, case later settled in conformity with temporary orders.

Divorce case, contested issues were property division and confirmation of separate property. Approximate value of estates $100,000.00. 

Divorce case, contested issues were custody and property division. The case settled at mediation.

Modification of custody of child, suit filed by mother. The child lived with the father in Tennessee, mother successfully won custody invloved many jurisdiction issues and criminal issues. 

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