Wife in $400 million divorce sanctioned by Galveston court ...


 Lohstroh son finally with grandparents

 DENISE DAVIS  September 14, 2004

Some believed the boy's mother, Deborah Geisler, had fled with the boy after the court issued his grandparents temporary custody and she and the boy could not be located.  Sometime Friday, Geisler dropped the boy off at the home of a family friend in Friendswood, police said. Police were called and the boy was then turned over to his grandparents. The whereabouts of Geisler are unknown. A Galveston judge last week granted custody of the boy to Joanne and Dick Greene pending a Sept. 16 custody hearing. The eight-year-old boy was present when his older brother shot and killed their father, Rick Lohstroh, Aug. 27.  Lohstroh had gone to the Katy-area home of his ex-wife, Deborah Geisler, to pick up the boys. The two shared custody of the boys after a bitter divorce in May 2003. Lohstroh, a University of Texas Medical Branch emergency room doctor, was shot as he sat in the front seat of his vehicle. The 10-year-old boy had opened fire with his mother's gun after getting in the back seat of the vehicle.   The boy then went back into the house and gave his mother the weapon.  The Greenes arrived in Galveston from their home in South Carolina shortly after her son's death. The Greenes also sought custody of the 10-year-old, who remains in a Harris County Juvenile Detention facility. He has not yet been charged. It is unknown if Geisler will be charged with making a weapon accessible to a minor or something more serious.  Geisler said the gun had been stored in a box in her room and that it had been unloaded. She told police she didn't know how the boy got the gun. Lohstroh, Geisler and the two boys lived at a Webster hotel while the family's home was being built in Friendswood. Webster police investigated allegations that Lohstroh had sexually abused the older boy. After a lengthy investigation, which included Lohstroh taking and passing two polygraph exams, the case was closed. Doctors parents file lawsuit

September 28, 2004 | DENISE DAVIS
... Co. Friendswood resident Rick Lohstroh, formerly of both Clear Lake and Webster, was shot to death as he sat in his sport utility vehicle in front of his ex-wife's home near Katy on Aug. 27. ...Lohstroh son finally with grandparents

News of shooting hits close to home  September 1, 2004 | BOB SONDEREGGER
... His younger brother, 7, is also a student in Friendswood schools. The child was taken into custody after the fatal shooting of his father, 41-year-old physician Rick Lohstroh, a Friendswood resident. ...Fate of 10-year-old alleged shooter unknown

August 31, 2004 | Mike Green
... Precinct 5 constables responded to a report of shots fired near Highland Knolls and South Mason at about 3:45 pm to find 40-year-old Rick Lohstroh inside his SUV with multiple gunshot wounds. ...

Wife in $400 million divorce sanctioned by Galveston Court
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October 25, 2016
By Maggie Gordon, Kathleen Collins, an attorney for Intercol, said Tuesday that her team wasn't surprised that Winnie's side continues to fight. "It's exactly what they've done throughout this process, beginning in Montgomery County," she said. "From their past actions, I fully expect to see this to go to the Supreme Court - I don't see them stopping."

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